Monday, January 14, 2008


I finally did have my surgery on Friday afternoon. I ended up having to stay overnight in the hospital. I got really sick from the anesthesia. Man, I have never felt like that before. My dad was super wonderful. Since Paul had to work Friday, my dad spent the whole day from noon to almost 10 pm sitting in the hospital with me. It was nice to have him there. I can't thank him enough. I know it was a really boring day just sitting. I remember those days with Paul. My parents helped out with the kids and left early Sunday morning. Paul took over and has been wonderful taking care of the kids and me. I am up a little bit today. My body is a little achy from laying in bed so long. I need to walk around some more today. I can't remember the last time I have rested this much, probably at least over 6 years ago - before children!
It has been a good break and I think the kids have been great. They needed this bonding time with other people. They were getting way too attached to me.
Hopefully I can get back to my old self soon. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday to see how I am doing. Thank you to everyone who has checked on me. It is nice to have such great friends and family.

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