Thursday, August 28, 2008

Harrison First Day of School

Harrison is off to school! Yippy!
He started PDO this week. He will be going 3 days a week 9:30 -3:00
This gives Julia and I some time to work on school at home.
He loved going to his new school. The first day when I picked him up the teacher said "boy is he talkative!" Yes I know!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of First Grade

Today Julia started First Grade. Yes, we are homeschooling again.
I was excited to find a private school a few miles from home that has a home school tutorial program one day a week. She goes for a few hours on Tuesday for PE, Science and Book Club. She was so excited. She had to get new shoes and supplies for her back pack and insisted on being prepared for school for a few days. I think she would have slept with both had I let her.
I hope she gets as excited about doing school at home!
We are also getting her into Girl Scouts. I found a troop that is mostly home schooled girls. I think this will be a great for her to be with other home schooled children. I am hoping it will motivate us both.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Julia and Harrison visited with their cousin Peter for a week at Grandma's house.
They had a great time getting to play together and go to Bible school.
They all got fireman hats at our visit to the Cobb County Fire Dept. They had fun climbing in the fire engine and seeing where the fireman slept and most importantly...where they watched T.V.
Of course I had no camera on me at the time. I did however get to sit in the drivers side of the fire engine myself...great fun! I had a bit of a laugh as we were leaving and the firefighters stated the kids could come back anytime because they were so well behaved!
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What to do with your old calendar

Julia could not quite understand why we could not use her 2007 Princess calendar again this year. After not doing a very good job explaining the concept of years (I don't know if being her teacher is a smart idea!) I decided to come up with some way for her to use it. We bought poster board and cut out all the pictures and made a collage. I said "we" but I guess I should correct that statement and say "I" made it. Not that she didn't want to help. She did. It was my controlling, perfectionist attitude that decided that I didn't want help! After all, it would have been to hard for her - right!
Man, do I have problems. I realize that. I would have never been a good art teacher. I am not sure I am a good teacher period because I struggle with the need to control and have things done perfectly the first time.
This was just a stupid poster to go in her room and I wanted it to be a materpiece!
I did give in and let her glue a few things at the end - under careful direction of course!!!
Please pray for us this year with first grade - We both will need it.


In the past few weeks I have been able to reconnect with some friends that I haven't seen in a long time.
I had a great visit with my friend Shari who moved to California.
The other is Ginger who was Paul's best friend's mother (growing up) and also our history teacher in high school.
It was fun to catch up with both of them! Thanks for visiting!!