Saturday, August 14, 2010

A New Chapter

I have gotten so bad about blogging. I guess the Facebook world has taken over. However, I like to keep up with this, just to have a record of my life. It is fun to look back over the years and see what I was doing and thinking.
I have hit a new chapter in my life. My kids are now officially both in school. It was a bitter sweet day to see both of my children walking side by side into the elementary school. I was so glad that Harrison had his big sister to be by his side. He has been a bit apprehensive about leaving his mama at home all day by herself! I was able to relieve his fears when I picked him up from school that day. Amazingly, as I was sitting in the carpool line to pick them up, I received a phone call offering me a job and I accepted. I think he was a little happy to know I wouldn't be sitting at home crying, not knowing what to do with myself til he got home!
So I am now employed again full time! It has been quite the adjustment. This is my first Saturday since I started working, and man I forgot how nice Saturdays were!
I am no longer in social work, which is ok with me right now. I decided to go a different route. I am working for a physical therapy office. I work directly with patients helping them with their exercises, doing ultrasounds, e-stems, etc. I am also doing administrative work, such as insurance claims, scheduling, etc.. I am not too thrilled with the administrative, but it is part of the job!
After not officially working full time in almost 9 years, and never working full time with kids, it has been a rough week. It is hard to get my brain functioning in a grown up world for that many hours a day! But I made it!!!
By Friday, I felt like I could maybe do it. It helped that I got complimented by one of the therapists on what a great job I was doing. I had forgotten how nice it was to get kudos for what you do. (not many of those staying at home)
My concern from the beginning was juggling work and home. Paul and the kids have done a great job this week. They have their responsibilities for the day and seem to be getting them done. I am grateful for Paul willingly stepping up and taking care of things at home. I am also very blessed to have my Father-in-law around who is picking the kids up from school everyday. I couldn't do this without everyone helping! It has made it easier to be able to focus on my job and not worry about everyone at home.
So turning a page in my book...hopefully this is a good chapter.