Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hanging in there!

So it has been 11 days since my knee surgery. I think I am doing pretty well. The doctor was pretty impressed last week with where I was.
I am back at the Y walking on the treadmill. (Hard for me to not do my usual amount of cardio) Overall I feel pretty well. The last two days I was super tired and resorted to napping both afternoons. I think that was partly because I am not sleeping well at night. I also woke up Saturday with a horrible fever blister that is driving me crazy.
I start physical therapy tomorrow. Hopefully we can work on getting me back to being able to put pressure on my knee and fully bending it.
I know I am expecting a lot from myself in such a short period of time. I know I need to give myself some slack and let it fully heal. I just hope that the surgery will have fixed the problem. My fear is that I am still going to have the same pain that I was having before.
So that is where I am at the moment.

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