Saturday, May 23, 2009

A proud Mama

Julia decided today to get her hair cut. Her first cut at a "real" hair salon. I was so proud of her. She donated 10 inches to Locks of Love.
We talked about what a great gift she was giving somebody. She was really happy with her decision and she loves her hair.
She got a cool bracelet supporting Locks of Love and the best part to her (and me) was she got her hair cut Free for donating!
It is moments like these that make me so proud to be a mom of such a wonderful girl.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let the Tears Flow

As I sit here in tears this song came to mind....

let the river flow
by darrell evans

let the poor man say, "i am rich in Him"
let the lost man say, "i am found in Him"
oh let the river flow
let the blind man say, "i can see again"
let the dead man say, "i am born again"
oh let the river flow, oh let the river flow

let the river flow, let the river flow
Holy Spirit come, move in power
let the river flow, let the river flow
Holy Spirit come, move in power
let the river flow, let the river flow
let the river flow

It has been a really stressful 24 hours. In the midst of it I have tried to rely on God and have faith however, in my human-ness I have struggled and all but freaked out.
I was sitting here reading a blog post of an old friend and a link to another blog and I was humbled beyond belief.
Here are these families that are dealing with HUGE physical ailments that I cannot even begin to imagine. And I am freaking out over money. Seems so stupid now.
My heart breaks for these families. They struggle everyday for life.
My life is so easy compared to theirs. I don't want to stress over the little things. I don't want my life to be shallow.
I read the lyrics of this song and I do see my life. God has restored me. He has given me sight, life and I can truly say I am rich in Him.
I hate when I loose sight of that, but I am so thankful for the gentle reminders!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bitter sweet day....

After almost 8 long, long, did I say long? months we finally sold our house!!!
We closed last night. I expected to feel this sense of relief, a wow moment, a party, something....
Instead I feel a little numb and sense of disbelief.
I have stressed to say the least over this house. I have made countless trips to paint, tile, fix, re-fix, suction water, fix again, and mow.
Now it is over.
I am glad. We can finally get debt paid off and actually start to budget without the expense of two houses.
Yet, I am sad.
I know it is just a house. But, it was our first house. We fell in love with it the minute we walked in the door.
We lived there for over 12 years.
We have many memories. Good and bad, but they make up our life.
I think what is in my mind the most is my children in that house.
The thought of setting up the nursery for Julia, adding another crib for Harrison. Stringing baby gates across the living room and it looking like romper-room for so long. My kids taking their first steps in the house. Many birthday parties and other events. Having our first school room downstairs. So many things that only memories will hold now.
I am so thankful for that house. It served us well while we were there.
I will miss it, but I won't miss the sleepless nights worrying about it.
I love where we are now and I look forward to having many wonderful memories here as well.