Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I am so thankful this year. The kids and I went to Elijay to spend time with my family. Here are a few highlights...
The biggest reason to give thanks is for my Papa. We got to spend some time with him. He is not doing so well these days. He is finally getting 98.
We spent our time walking in the woods, feeding the goats and throwing wood into a big fire. The kids had a blast getting to throw and destroy...what more could a kid ask for.
I enjoyed being with my mom and dad as always. I wish I could see them more.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Today I was going into the Y like I do most every morning. I walked past the front desk and I heard a voice telling me to go back and get a scripture out of the basket. (they have a scripture basket on the desk) I ignored the voice and kept walking towards the workout area. Again, I heard go back and get one. I knew at that point if I didn't go back it would nag at me until I did so I turned around and got one.

"Faith is the awareness of utter helplessness without God."

I started smiling as I knew that God wanted me to have this message today. I placed it in front of me and read it again and again during my workout.

I am truly learning this simple yet very complex message.
I am utterly helpless without God. There are so many big things I am dealing with in my life, yet God continues to give me strength and peace through them all.
I am so thankful that God continues to prompt me.
I am so glad I decided to respond.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Fat Smash Me

Ok. I haven't posted a whole lot because I have started another blog. This is a different kind of blog. About 12 days ago I decided I was tired of the way I was emotionally dependant on food. I have also been frustrated and down about my weight. So....I decided it was time. A couple of friends from church are doing the Fat Smash Plan by Dr. Ian for the Tyra Banks show. They are doing so amazing. They encouraged me to give it a try. So I started 11 days ago. It has been easier than I thought. It is totally changing the way I eat and I don't crave food like I used to. I have tried many new foods and found that I like healthy foods. So I have been blogging my experience and daily food as accountability. If you want to check it out there is also a link to it on my friends section.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fun with paint

Julia decided she wanted to paint her nails. She wanted me to paint polka-dots. Then insisted that I also have the same. Real cool going to work the next day! Posted by Picasa

Pumpkin carving party at the Williamson's

We had a great time at our semi-annual pumpkin carving party. It was great to spend time with friends we don't get to see much.
Here are a few pictures of the event.
The first is Roy eating Batman, second is Buster and Chris carving their pumpkins, third is our pumpkins, (I think Chris wins the prize with his haunted house) and lastly is a picture thrown in for Mark and Shari to enjoy.

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Holloween 2006

Here are some pictures of the kids in their costumes. They had a fun time dressing up. We took them to the mall to trick or treat. They didn't end up with much candy, but had a good time looking at all the children dressed up.
Harrison was way too cute as Batman.

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