Friday, December 19, 2008

King's X

If you have known Paul and I for more than two minutes you know that we are King's X fans! We had a great night seeing them last night in Nashville at the Mercy Lounge. It was a great show! Every show we have been to has been amazing. The first time we saw them live was almost 18 years ago. The highlight of that show was being able to sit on the stage during the show that ended up an acoustic set.
The first time we saw them in Nashville was 13 years ago when Galactic Cowboys opened for them. I will never forget that evening...we stayed and waited outside for them to leave. I laugh at myself now when I think of this...but I told Doug that his face and smile lit up the stage and that I saw Jesus in his face. He didn't quite know what to do with that besides say "thanks."
Last night I saw something a little different. I see someone who is hurting and wants so hard to believe but something is keeping him stuck from experiencing the Freedom that he sings about. He sings with passion such deeply spiritual driven songs.
Paul and I both were amazed how he could sing them when he has openly talked about his agnostic views on God. He still lights up the stage and gives a great performance. The highlight for me was being able to get my picture with Doug. I wish I would not have been so 'star struck' and said something more to him. I have a heart for him and will pray for him that he will find the hope and freedom again that he sings about.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is in the air...

Harrison had his Christmas program today at school. Thought I would share his picture with Santa and one with the real Santa!
After 14 years we have a new Christmas tree - thanks mom! She even helped me put it up! Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Trouble starts with "H"

Trouble starts with "H" and ends in "arrison!"
He has been quite the challenge the last few weeks. I think he is bored and needs some major exercise. I would like to think that would wear him out, but nothing seems to slow him down.
He tends to make a huge mess all over the floor at every meal.
I decided I was tired of cleaning it up, so he can learn to do it himself!
He is into playing rough. He will tackle anything that moves.
(Including a girl at the Y which ended up going to the doctor with a split head.)
Oh my!
I have a feeling we are just starting all the trouble this boy is going to get into. The only thing that saves him is that he is cute and lovey.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Snowy Birthday

Our first snow of the year landed on my birthday. It started snowing Thursday night. At dinner we tried to explain to Julia that she may not have school the next day. She was not thrilled about this idea. In fact, she made us pray during the blessing that school would not be closed. She informed us that she would "panic" if she couldn't go to school.
Harrison immediately started singing "You better watch out, you better not pout, you better not panic!"
He never ceases to surprise us with what comes out of his mouth.
School was cancelled and she didn't panic. They had a great time playing in the snow, then drinking hot chocolate to defrost.
It was good to have everyone home for the day.
My birthday treat was to get to go out to lunch with Michelle (thanks Chelle).
I am feeling a bit old this year. Not sure why. I guess my body aching and the wrinkles starting to appear have something to do with it.
As always I posted my birthday photo. I know it is silly, but I like to look back and see how I am aging!