Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lots of new stuff - no time to blog

It has been almost a month since my last post. There is so much to tell and so little time to do it. I have also become addicted to Facebook, so most of my computer time is going there!
Julia and Harrison both love their schools and are doing great. (my last post was school starting)
However, they only have a couple more weeks of school because we are moving!
It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks. We managed to find a house and buy it the same day. We put our current house on the market and I have been packing, painting, cleaning, garage saleing, etc. for the last two weeks.
I have finally hit a wall of tired!
I can't believe all that I have accomplished. That is a good feeling, but I am POOPED!
I hope someone appreciates all my hard work and wants to buy my house that is really looking good at the moment.
As far as moving....
I have a number of emotions at this point. I am excited about the new start for our family. We have been in a rut for a long time and I have been praying for change.
Well, I am about to get it!
I am excited, but scared all at the same time. I am getting lots of changes all at one time...
New house, new city, new church, new support system, new job, new schools, new stores, new workout place, new everything...except my family!
I know home is where my family is, but I think it will be a huge adjustment for all of us.
We have lived in our current home for 12 years and there are so many memories here.
This was our first home and my kids were born in this house. It is a bitter-sweet thing to think about leaving here.
The kids are excited about getting their own rooms, but are also not wanting to leave this house - this is all they know.
They want to paint the new house blue, for they have to live in a blue house!
It is funny the things that are important to them.
I guess we all have our little things - like I am going to miss the colors in my house. I spent so much time painting each room here and I am attached to the colors. Silly, I know!
Please keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks. Pray that we will sell our house quickly. Paul starts his new job soon. We have to decide what to do about school for the kids. Lots of other decisions that need to be made. Pray that I regain some energy to finish packing and painting the new house, and moving!