Thursday, June 29, 2006

two for tea and tea for two

This morning I was trying to remember some dates when this interesting little fact came to me.

In my life I have had significant events happen to me every two years.

1992 - Graduated High School
1994 - Got Married
1996 - Graduated College
1998 - Paul was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease
2000 - My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage
2002 - I gave birth to my first child
2004 - I gave birth to my second child
2006 - I was laid of my job of ten years

So I am anxiously awaiting what 2008 has in store!
Hopefully it will be a good year.


mark aka pastor guy said...

1998 - joined tc@hh AND met Mark & Shari... the ten year anniversary of that can't be all bad!

Amy said...

Yes meeting Mark and Shari and tc@hh was a very good thing in our life. It changed our life forever! Thanks.

ilovekittiecats said...

Amy, what's going on...we need to chat soon.

thinking of you,