Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Be still and know that I am God

No I am not God, but God is!
God has certainly been at work in my life. Which is a good thing. However it is a little hard to really be still before him. I am really trying to listen to him about what is next.
I have been pondering the idea of going back to school. I am thinking this would be as good of time as any! My hang up at the moment is fear of course. I don't particularly love school. I was not bad at it, just didn't love it. Tests scare me and of course I will have to take the GRE before I can even apply to school. Aggrrrhhh!
I have been enjoying life so far at home. It is weird, but good. I don't feel so rushed anymore. I feel like I have time to enjoy the kids, not just keep them occupied while I clean and go to the grocery store. Julia and I have definitely done better together. I think she is really glad I am home.
I am struggling with some anger issues from work and also some identity crisis.
I am having difficulty identifying myself as just mom and wife. I know those are big important jobs, but I am used to also being a social worker. (see blog title and my space name)
But I am not feeling the overwhelming desire to run to be social worker again. I am wanting to really find God's desire for my life.

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