Friday, July 22, 2005

nothing important

I don't know why I don't post more often. It seems like I don't have anything important to say or I think of something and I don't have time. I have some down time at the moment so I thought I would ramble a bit.I am sitting in my office looking at my beautiful children's pictures. They are so cute. Harrison is getting huge. He is 10 1/2 months and won't sit still. He is a lovey-bug though. He loves to hug and try to kiss you, but it usually ends up in a big bite - 8 teeth. I have a scar on my leg to prove it. He also loves his momma. Especially at 4 am. He is on a new schedule that his clock goes off at 4 and it is time to get into bed with momma and eat. It is nice to have him snuggle in the mornings, but it isn't real great for me who needs the sleep.Julia is in a hard stage. 3 1/2. She is trying so hard to be independent, yet wants to be the baby. She challenges us daily. She has learned that words have power! A few weeks ago she was finished with her dinner and I wanted her to learn to ask to be excused. So I said "Julia when we are finished with our dinner we say 'thank you for the dinner, may I be excused please.'" Well, you would have thought I had asked her to eat a bowl of worms. She looked at me like I was crazy. I informed her that she would need to sit in her chair until she said it. Well, three and a half hours later when it is bedtime she still had not said it. I was so frustrated and feeling like I was a child abuser for making her sit in the chair for that long...but she knew what she was doing. I would ask her are you ready to say it...."no, not yet." AHHH. I could not understand why she wouldn't just say it and get it over. Can you say STRONG WILLED? So I put her in her bed and asked her if tomorrow she would say it. She said yes. I said why don't we practice it right now. She asked if she could practice at the table. So I put her back in her chair and she looked at me with this grin and said "thank you for the dinner, may I be excused please." It is in that moment that I either wanted to kiss her because she was so cute or beat her because she was so stubborn all night and knew exactly what she was doing. Well I guess it all paid off and I did the right thing. She now so politely after every meal with her cute little grin says her phrase. I tend to always relate these stories back to my own life with God. How many times does he ask me to do something and I sit in the same spot until I do it? Yes I am often the three year old child who is strong willed. I pray that I will get it, move on and grin the next time I have to do it again.

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