Thursday, April 14, 2005

just thinkin

Do you ever have something that you do everyday that triggers a thought every time you do it? I have several things that trigger memories or thoughts everyday. It is so stupid and I try to say to myself, I am not going to think about this anymore, but yet I find myself thinking about it. OK - examples are...Putting on my eyeliner- I think about Brittany Hogg and her mother teaching us how to put eyeliner on in the 7th grade. Brushing my teeth - I think about my mother telling me when I was young that people divorced over fights on how to squeeze the toothpaste tube. In a public restroom (especially at work) I sit down and question myself on "did I lock the door?" Often times I get up and double check before I can go...or I try to talk myself out of it because I have never forgotten to lock the door. I have many other things, but these are the ones that happen every single day. It drives me crazy!

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