Wednesday, April 06, 2005

to blog or not to blog...

In the new age of blogging, I find myself struggling to know what to write. I am not a great writer. I don't spell well (in fact I am glad there is spell check), and I am not very eloquent in my writing. I am also a social worker who believes in sharing feelings in person and spending time with people. I believe in journaling for therapeutic reasons. Blogging does not fit into any of these things. I hesitate with writing what I "feel" because of the audience that will read it. I question myself and my motives in writing. Am I writing because it is fun and I want to or am I trying to get a point across to someone I know will read it? Blogging has opened up a new world of communication. I can now go to the computer and find out what my close friends and most importantly my husband is thinking and feeling. I no longer have to talk to them or ask, I can read what is going on in their lives. Is this medium a good thing or not? I have no idea. I struggle with what to write, but enjoy reading others - So, if anyone wants to give me some good topics to write about I am open to suggestions. I don't guarantee it will be very intelligent or insightful. I do better in person.

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