Friday, February 27, 2009


"Love is not a feeling or an emotion. It is a spirit of self-sacrifice. It is a willingness to meet another's need - even if it means sacrificing something we need or possess. "
A friend shared this quote today.
It made me think.
This definition seems easy when it comes to things. I have no problem sacrificing "things" I want so that others needs can be met.
However, it is a little harder when it comes to time, energy, perhaps needs and wants.
Am I willing to sacrifice my (emotional/non-tangible) needs and wants for anothers?
I would like to think I am most of the time. But I too am selfish.
There is also a balance in this that is hard for me.
I think I have tended to sacrifice my needs and wants for those I love forgetting that I have them to begin with. I don't think God wants us to deny our own basic needs all of the time for the sake of others. I think there is a time when we do that.
God is really working on my heart to truly love those around me without sacrificing myself. Teaching me that it is okay to take up time and space in this life.

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