Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of First Grade

Today Julia started First Grade. Yes, we are homeschooling again.
I was excited to find a private school a few miles from home that has a home school tutorial program one day a week. She goes for a few hours on Tuesday for PE, Science and Book Club. She was so excited. She had to get new shoes and supplies for her back pack and insisted on being prepared for school for a few days. I think she would have slept with both had I let her.
I hope she gets as excited about doing school at home!
We are also getting her into Girl Scouts. I found a troop that is mostly home schooled girls. I think this will be a great for her to be with other home schooled children. I am hoping it will motivate us both.

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Anonymous said...

aww! she looks SO excited!! I love new shoes & school supplies too...some things we should never grow out of!