Monday, March 19, 2007


Harrison came into the kitchen after being in my room for quite some time...I thought he was watching cartoons with Julia.
He came out licking his lips, with a slight residue still there. For those of you who know Harrison he eats everything he can put into his mouth. One of his favorite pass times is hunting for old gum underneath tables in public areas.
Anyway, I asked him, "what are you eating?"
He answered... "Ice Cream."
Again, "Harrison, what are you eating?"
again, "Ice Cream."
I decided I needed to smell his breath to find out what this unidentified substance was.
I pulled him close and took a big whiff of his breath.
It had a ever so familiar sweet vanilla smell.
Hmmm, I had to think...
Yep, you guessed it, he had been eating my Sparkle Vanilla flavored Secret Deodorant!
Hopefully it will keep his mouth nice and sweat free for awhile.
Strong enough for a Man and smells good enough to eat like Ice Cream!

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Anonymous said...

Well he won't have any problems speaking down wind for awhile. I love it, wtg Harrison, Aunt Robyn