Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our 16th Valentines Day

This is my 16th Valentines Day with my sweet husband. I am still crazy about him. I love these pictures of him. It shows both of his greatest qualities...The first one being his smile. He has great humor and I love when he laughs and smiles. It lights up the room and my heart. The other picture I love because is shows his passion. (also his great looks) He has passion for so many things. I love to hear him show is heart. He is so kind and tender.
He is amazing to me. I cannot imagine loving anyone more than I love my Valentine.


Anonymous said...

I completely enjoyed this. I know, I know, I'm not married to him but I couldn't help but think he was flashing that winning smile at me every now and then... :-)SR

Anonymous said...

Can I have that T-shirt,lol from Aunt Robyn( aka) aunt tweet-tweet