Sunday, December 10, 2006


I was so blown away tonight. I had a date night with myself. It was actually quite strange to be in my house all by myself. I don't remember the last time that happened.
Anyway. After a bath and doing my nails...
I watched the 2 hours of Extreme Home Makeover. I always cry when I watch this show. Tonight I balled for 2 hours. It was so amazing and inspiring.
The family was a mom/dad/20 mo. old and grandmother. The mother and father were both police officers for the LAPD. The mother was recently shot in the line of duty causing her to be paralyzed. The Grandmother moved in to help with her 20 month old. Their current house was small and she couldn't get around in her wheel chair. Of course ABC and EHM, did an amazing job with the house giving her a some of her freedom back. They sent them on vacation while the house was being built and gave the family some amazing opportunities.
I was just so amazed by this mother. (and the husband for that matter) She lost a huge part of her. She was an active person who loved doing things physically. In an instant that was gone for her. She however is determined to go on. Her husband is supportive and helping her. I know that is a huge part of it.
It was also cool to see the community support this family. They are realized what a sacrifice this mom had made for them. She was protecting them when she was shot. They saw her as a hero and wanted to give something back to her to say thanks.
I guess when I see these stories it just makes me thankful. It also makes me think of how I would want to be if something terrible happened to me. Would I have strength and courage? Would I be a fighter or would I give up? Would I have a great attitude and give glory to God for his blessings?
There are so many times that I look at our present situation and I this just isn't fair. Why can't we get a break? But yet, we get one everyday. We are so blessed. We are loved.
I am so grateful to have a husband who loves me and loves his kids. Paul is amazing. He goes to work without complaint. He fights hard for our family. I am overwhelmed by him and the love that he shows us. He truly is my hero. I love to pray for him. The kids pray for him every night. They pray protection over him and they pray that God will bless him. I know that God has great things for Paul and our family. God is preparing us for something big. I know he is preparing my heart and getting me ready. I can't wait to see what is coming.

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