Thursday, November 16, 2006


Today I was going into the Y like I do most every morning. I walked past the front desk and I heard a voice telling me to go back and get a scripture out of the basket. (they have a scripture basket on the desk) I ignored the voice and kept walking towards the workout area. Again, I heard go back and get one. I knew at that point if I didn't go back it would nag at me until I did so I turned around and got one.

"Faith is the awareness of utter helplessness without God."

I started smiling as I knew that God wanted me to have this message today. I placed it in front of me and read it again and again during my workout.

I am truly learning this simple yet very complex message.
I am utterly helpless without God. There are so many big things I am dealing with in my life, yet God continues to give me strength and peace through them all.
I am so thankful that God continues to prompt me.
I am so glad I decided to respond.

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