Friday, September 22, 2006

Princess on Ice

The child I never placed in pink as a baby has turned into a pretty in pink princess!
It is totally how God designed for a girl to want to be beautiful and a princess. (meaning that she is seen as lovely and important to those around her) It has been neat to see that really come out in Julia.
We went with Gram to see Disney Princess' on Ice last week. Julia really enjoyed seeing all of her "heros."
It was fun to look at all the hundreds of little girls all dressed up in their frilly dresses thinking they were the star of the show.
It makes me think about at what point in our lives as girls do we get the ideas in our heads that it is not ok to think we are beautiful and the star. At some point we get wounded by something that someone says. We are taught then it is not ok to think highly of yourself. You are looked at as conceited if you do. Yet, if you think that you are not beautiful and important, then you have low self-esteem and need therapy.
Oh my, no wonder women are so complicated and messed up.
I pray that we can nurture Julia's feminine heart and protect her from some of the crap that life throws at us.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. You are so wise for your young age.

ilovekittiecats said...

i agree anon.

allowing your daughter to be a girly girl is very important. I did not feel that i could be that for some reason when i was growing up. I am just now enjoying being a woman...and even tho there are alot of hormones to deal with, i feel special just because i am a girl.