Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Today was beautiful...the first taste of spring. I am so ready! I took Harrison and Julia to feed the Geese and a few ducks. Harrison was beside himself he was so excited. He got the hang of thowing one, eating one. At one point he got up on the picnic table to be able to eat his bread in peace (he does the same at home with the dog). He was enjoying the scenery when a goose snuck up beside him and ate his bread out of his hand (2nd picture). He laughed. After that he would try to get them to bite his hand thinking it was really funny.

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sweatpantsmom said...

Beautiful family.

This reminds me of the time we were at a park and my oldest daughter, who was around three at the time, got chased by a large duck.

She has been fowl-phobic ever since.

Damn those ducks!

(thanks for visiting my blog.)