Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas time is here.....

After a great Thanksgiving weekend (we went to my parent's cabin and took our friends Josh and Chanda with us) we drug out the Christmas tree. Julia begged us all the way home from the cabin to put it up. So Sunday after church she and I started to decorate. This has been the first year that she has been able to really participate in decorating (actually helping, not just getting in the way!). We hung pine cones on our little tree outside. Put up the nativity on the mantle (up high this year away from Harrison). We put out her Little People Nativity also. She loves that thing. She acts out with all the people. Most of them usually have boo boos and need band-aids. She sent all the Kings out for band-aids last night because Mary's boo boo on her leg really hurt. The angel kissed it, but it wasn't better yet. She just cracks me up.
Harrison is officially walking. He is so cute. He is so proud of himself. It is nice that he can get around a little easier. They both managed to climb into the middle of the tree tonight. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing to let them do.
Well, I am off to bed. It was a long night last night and I have to work tomorrow. Julia was begging me tonight to not go to work. She said she was going to miss me. She is also in this habit where she wants to "say goodbye on the road" which means Paul has to stand out with her in the cold, on the driveway, and watch me drive away. If she doesn't get to do that she has a melt down. So Paul does it for her.....good Dee.
Good night.

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