Tuesday, September 13, 2005

finally feeling normal

You will all be happy to know that I feel like I am back among the sain again. Man, I had a rough week. I guess it was hormonal. I don't like feeling that way. I really didn't like myself or those around me! I pray that I will at least have a normal three weeks before starting this all again! Paul will probably move out that week. The kids may too.
I have actually accomplished a few things today. Julia is back at school - praise the Lord. It sure is quiet around here when she is gone. I got a couple of closets cleaned out and the kids dresser. I can't take a nap because my sheets are in the wash. So, I will just enjoy myself on the computer for a few moments.


Anonymous said...

I wish I felt normal. Love, Crissy

ilovekittiecats said...

Welcome back to the land of the living! Hope the level lasts for a while now! Thanks for chatting.