Sunday, August 28, 2005

rainy sunday

It is a rainy Sunay. It is quite beautiful considering the fact we have not had rain in forever. Church was good this morning. Tim spoke on Abraham. He always gives the whole story about people. The fact that Abraham is the father of our faith and yet he was an adulterer, lier and not to mention "pimped out his wife." In the midst of all those things - God still used him and blessed him. It does give us all hope to know that God uses us even when we are sinners.
I want to be used by God. That is a dangereous statement I know. Honestly my heart longs to be used, but in the back of my mind it is saying: except for the following ways.....
Lord help me to be open to whatever you have. Help me to have the faith of Abraham that I would sacrifice whatever you would want me to - No matter how much it costs.

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