Monday, June 07, 2004


It's Monday. My day to be home. I have been trying to clean and give the dog a bath and haircut. Very exciting. I have a sinus infection so I feel pretty lousy. The weekend was too short. But I am counting the days till we go to the beach. I need some relaxation. Julia was so precious yesterday. The kids at church sang songs at the end of the service. Julia wiggled her way away from Paul to run up on the stage with the other kids. She got right in the middle of them and tried to sing and dance with them. It was definitely a moment I will cherish forever. She was so cute and thought she was a big girl. The other kids didn't mind one bit. Some of the girls that know her were helping her dance and do the motions. As a parent it was a shining moment. I try to relate those moments with how God feels about me. How He gets so excited to see us leap out on faith and serve Him. I sometimes struggle to understand God's immense love for us. I know how much I love Julia and can't even imagine that God loves me so much more than that. I wish I could comprehend it.

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