Saturday, December 12, 2009

Half way to 70.....

I hope my birthday at 70 is as much fun as today was!
I always try to post a photo of me on my birthday. This year you are getting a "back" view! HA!
The tattoo was the big highlight of my day.
I have been planning for it for awhile and decided about a year ago that 35 would be the year. Why a dragonfly you ask?
Well, it has significance to me.
My mom once told me that when she sits outside on her deck the dragonflies come and land on you and they are incredibly still. She said that it reminded her of the scripture Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God."
Since that time we have exchanged dragonfly gifts and even have matching necklaces that she wears everyday.
I decided if I got another tattoo that it would have to really mean something.
Throughout the past year I have continually come back to this scripture. I know that God wants me to let Him be in charge. Sometimes that is a difficult thing for me to do. Being a control freak (in recovery) it is so hard to not want to tell God what I think He should be doing and try to do His job for Him.
Hmmm...doesn't work to well, trust me.
So, after getting a good friend to draw this beautiful art piece, I now have a forever reminder that God is the one in control. I just need to be still and rest in Him!

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Bryan said...

I love the tattoo. Thanks for sharing about the significance, that's a great story. I hope the tattoo will always remind you of God and his love for you.