Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Empty Silo

One of my favorite things about our house is the fact that we have this Silo at the entrance of our street. I can see if from our front yard.
It is neat to me that Spring Hill has kept most of these silos up around town. I think they add a unique charm to the area.
I have been thinking a lot about the Silo after walking down there and looking in. It is massive and empty. You can peek your head in at the bottom and see all the way to the top. Not a trace of grain or corn left in the bottom. Just bird droppings and feathers.
I am not really good at writing and making analogies...but here it goes. Just what I have been wrestling with the last week or so.
I feel a lot like that empty silo. In regards to my spiritual life that is.
I have the structure, I go to church, I have the knowledge, I used to be full of life and overflowing with God's presence, but I have allowed myself to empty. I have allowed all of the "grain" to pour out and part of me feels that there is nothing left but bird droppings.
However, unlike the silo that will not be useful again except to stand there and look interesting...I have a choice. I can choose to allow God to fill myself again.
It will take a lot of gardening, pruning, and watering to grow the grain to place in the silo. I am not real excited about the process. When we allow God to grow us it is often very painful and hard to accept.
I feel like I have taken the first step in allowing God to regrow me.
It has been painful, but I am starting to see a few seeds sprouting.
I am learning how to be still before God and trying to listen.
I need to be patient. I tend to expect God to fix me right now.
I know that corn/wheat takes time. It is a process. I am in process.


Anonymous said...

Be still my child and quiet, his voice is only a whisper away.
Love you, Aunt Robyn

Christa said...


What a beautiful analogy! I have felt that way before. I hope you are already feeling the beginning of being filled again. Thank you for sharing!

- Christa

Patricia Beck said...

That is what is so great about the New Year, we have a fresh start; I can relate to your post. It's difficult to maintain balance when the busyness of life invades. What a great analogy!