Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sad Death

I know most of you will find this stupid to be upset about, but to me it is a big deal....
One pot of my tomatoes died this week. It was tragic. I had about 10 tomatoes on the two plants and both of them went belly up.
I discovered this whole gardening thing was not as easy as I thought.
I had 4 problems that I could figure out...
Poor drainage
Over watering
Not enough sun light
So, I am trying my best to fix the problems for the other two plants. Hopefully, I can keep them alive long enough to at least eat one of the tomatoes.
If not, I expect all of you who have success with the gardening thing to share yours...I can provide basil in exchange!

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Anonymous said...

I am doing my first garden too! Sorry to hear of your tomato plant's death, my tomato's are out of control, I would love to share! I feel your pain about dieing plants though, I have had my share. I sprouted 25 watermelon plants from seeds (a whole month of hard work)and they all got about 3 inches high and then we went out of town, the people we had take care of scout and the plants didn't water them the whole time. All died but 3. tear.
You guys have to come out sometime! No Basel though, we have it coming out our ears! I could use some ideas on what to use it with other then Pesto, love ya!