Sunday, May 11, 2008

Update on "the bumps"

Two weeks ago I blogged about Julia's rash that was diagnosed as Molluscum. At that time she had hundreds of blistery bumps all over her legs, red bumps all over her face and arms. I was shocked a few minutes ago when I looked at her legs to put medicine on them. I would like to report that she has no bumps on her face and arms and 5 left on her legs and they are almost gone!
The doctor and all of the medical websites say there is no treatment....there is!
I gave her acidophilus internally to boost her immune system, I gave her colloidal silver internally and some externally for the first week. I gave her grapefruit seed extract internally and despite the warnings, I put it on externally. Lastly, I used a tea tree oil ointment to help soothe and heal them. I really think that putting the GSE on the bumps the last few days have made them really dry up the most. I wish I would have taken pictures of her legs to show you the dramatic difference.
I am greatly encouraged and hope by the end of the week she will be as good as new, just in time for the pool to open!!!


Anonymous said...

wow~that is awesome news! how did you know to look into all the different ways of treating it?

Amy said...

Hours on the internet!
I read other peoples stuff to get ideas on what to do.
Lots of frustrated people out there with this stuff.