Saturday, May 05, 2007

Growing up

Just thought I would share a few new photos. Julia and Harrison are growing so fast. Julia is becoming such a young lady. She has so many wonderful qualities. She is loving and cares about people. She is using vocabulary that cracks me up. She is so expressive with words. For example, when I ask her to do something now she says "Of course I will." She loves to make up stories...she has a very big imagination. (gets that from Paul)
Harrison is a joy. He has such a sweet heart. He is starting to tell you all the time "I wove you." It absolutely melts your heart. He is also ALL boy! He always has a car in his hand or shooting his imaginary gun. His new toy is a long rubber snake that he tortured Julia with the first day until she accepted the fact that it was fake.
They are both into music and love to play all the instruments in the house. Harrison is quite taken with the song "Hey Jude" he loves to watch the video on my MySpace. You can even catch him singing it throughout the day.
Their new favorite thing to do is ride their bikes in the cul-de-sac. I will have to post pictures of Harrison on his bike separate, there wasn't enough room.
We are staying very busy these days. Paul is working more late days/evenings. Julia is still in school until the end of May (on Tues/Thurs). I am working at Salem on Mondays and am subbing at Julia's school for the remainder of the year. I have been attending a fun new class at the Y two nights a week - Zumba (Latin/funk cardio dance). It is a lot of fun when you go with friends. This week I ended up going by myself, not so fun when you don't know anybody.
We had a great time at our garage sale last weekend. My parent's came up to help me. Paul's mom took the kids and we managed to sell just about everything in my basement and garage. It was amazing. We even made pretty good money. My dad has quite a calling for pushing junk on people! (I love you both so much - I couldn't do life without you!!!)
Life is good. We have great family and friends - what more could you ask for??? (maybe a latte!)

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oh no, "not the of course i will" phrase. Sounds like her