Friday, January 12, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

This is my sleeping beauty. For several months I would have to put her back in her bed because she would be sleeping on the side of her bed. I was able to turn the light on and take a picture without her waking up. Since Harrison got his Fire Truck bed...which, if you step foot in our house you are grabbed by the hand and told to come see his "Ire uck ed" any way, since he got his bed we moved her bed and she hasn't done this since. She is so funny.


K E Alexander said...

Speaking of beauties....she is such a doll! I can see both of you in her sweet little face. And in Harrison's sticky little face!

ilovekittiecats said...

that is so cute!! I used to do something like that but it was not as cute. i would somehow end up actually laying on the side of the mattress where the sheets were tucked into the bed. Does she sleepwalk out of her bed?