Monday, October 03, 2005

Pumpkin Patch

Today we took the kids to the Pumkin Patch at Walden Farm. It is a great little farm that is so generous to share with everyone. They of course sell pumpkins, but have lots of free stuff for kids to explore. My favorite thing is getting to see all the animals. They had a baby calf that was so cute and layed right by the fence and let you pet his head. He was so soft. Harrison pet his head too. Julia wasn't into petting anything this time. Harrison is still in the not afraid of anything stage. He freely wanted to put his hands into every fence...including the goat that would like to nibble on him. It is so amazing to see things for the "first" time with children.
If I ever get my pictures off the camera I will post one. I didn't get many as the camera battery died shortly after getting there - isn't that always the way!
Everyone is now in bed - 8:00PM and I actually have a moment on the computer.

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